Born in 2020, The Scenic Supper, was the brainchild of local school friends, Toby Baggott and Sam Lawson-King.

The duo opened this unique, socially distanced dining experience which revolutionised the way customers dine.

The Roots + Seeds Kitchen Garden is the next step in our evolution as a company to create a place to engage with both the environment and the community around us..


Roots + Seeds founder, Toby Baggott (right), is a passionate and knowledgeable gardener. Overseeing the development of our quarter acre Kitchen Garden, Toby will be using the space to grow flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables to feed our restaurant. This area will also provide a space for us to share knowledge and experience of growing produce with the wider community and re-introduce a working kitchen garden back to the heart of Cirencester Park. 

At the heart of every country estate once stood the kitchen garden. The reliance on self-sufficiency to feed the entire household year-round was an accepted and essential part of estate life. With climate change, food miles and sustainability at the forefront of our minds at Roots + Seeds, re-inventing the traditions of an estate kitchen garden is one we wish to share with the local community.